Best Ways to Prevent Addiction

prevent addiction

It’s almost becoming a weekly occurrence now, hearing one sad story after another, about teens who die from an accidental overdose. For anyone that has personally witnessed this in any way understands that this should be treated as a disease, and not a crime. This epidemic is merely a combination of the potent drug and lack of education the person has. Here are the best tips to prevent drug addiction in your child:

Teach your child that every bad decision has consequences

The parents are the ones who help build a sense of right and wrong in a child’s brain. Parents are the authority figures when kids are young, and if they don’t learn this when they’re young, they may end up learning the hard way. When a parent is strict, this doesn’t mean that they are “mean.”

Be the best parent you can be

Being a great parent is all about having the right balance of rewarding your child when they have good behavior, and giving consequences when they have bad behavior. As their parent, try not to be overly protective, too submissive, or punish too hard because these will all trigger the brain if your child is prone to addiction.

Be involved in your child’s life

As parents, we may not fully understand the importance of this one, but being involved  and not absent in our child’s life is so important. No matter how you show interest, make  sure your child knows you’re interested with what their involved with at school.

Be supportive

This is true if your child has any sort of problem going on in their life. No matter what, be supportive of what they can do rather than what they can’t do in life. When you support good things in your child’s life, this will show them that their positive behaviors will lead to positive reinforcement.

If you have any suspicion of drugs, drug test

If you’re a parent to a young adult who’s living in your home and supporting them, it’s not mean to drug test. If your child starts to panic, you’ll want to explain to them that trust is earned and that no matter what, you want them safe. Giving your child a drug test is a good way to catch an addiction early in life.

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