Benefits of Going Organic

So you’ve heard all the buzz about how organic food is better for you, but you really don’t know what the actual benefits are? Here are just a few examples of why going organic might be a good choice for you and your family.


It has been debated for quite some time whether or not organic foods actually have more nutrients than their conventional counterparts, but as the Los Angeles Times released earlier this year, “After reviewing 343 studies on the topic, researchers in Europe and the United States concluded that organic crops and organic-crop-based foods contained higher concentrations of antioxidants on average than conventionally grown foods.”

Better Taste

Many people argue that organic produce tastes better than conventionally grown foods. Conventionally grown produce is typically grown to look better and last longer on the shelf, but they lose their flavor considerably through the processes used to do so.


Organic brands don’t utilize genetically modified (GMO) food. There is still a lot of debate about the effects of GMO’s on the human body, but some studies have shown that GMO’s can cause the walls of the human gut to be leaky, allowing food particles to get into the blood system which in turn causes food allergies.

Gut Bacteria

Many of the pesticides used in conventional foods kill more than just pests – they destroy the good bacteria that reside in the human gut and are necessary for healthy immune function. Going organic will prevent this from happening, and therefore help you have a stronger immune system.

Environmental Health

Pesticides used on conventional crops aren’t just harmful for the human digestive system, they are also harmful for the environment. Pesticides seep into the soil and take years to break down, and additionally end up in our waterways, which can be harmful to the aquatic life residing there.

Ultimately, the most important thing to keeping your family healthy is making sure you eat a diet balanced well with fruits and vegetables whether they are organic or not, but if you choose to go organic, you will certainly find many additional benefits in doing so.

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