getting ready for school

Things You Should Do Before The Start Of School

getting ready for school

  1. Get in the mindset of school. Although you may not feel that way now, the start of school is often the most refreshing of times. This is the time you start something new.
  • Review your previous achievements. Think about what you’ve accomplished all of last year, maybe it was the amazing paper you wrote, or the fact that you received all A’s.
  • Set goals for yourself. Setting goals and sticking with them is another skill which is important for all students to learn. It’s important to set goals that are realistic and that will help you during the next semester.
  1. Plan out your NEW daily schedule. Many of us have a different idea what regular means, but when it comes to the school year, this needs to be set at an all together high.
  • Slowly change bedtimes. You’ll want to do this gradual with your children over the course of one to two weeks. If meal times got later, reset those times as well.
  • Block important events on calendar. For any events that are going on in your child’s life, make sure you have it blocked out in your schedule. Also, make sure you have every family event plotted out as well.
  1. Organize workspace and make sure you have all supplies. If you or your child need to de-clutter and get organized for the upcoming school year, now is the time to get started.
  • Stock up on supplies. Make sure you have everything you need for the upcoming school year. Not only should you make sure you have supplies for school, but also stuff for working at home too.
  • De-clutter and streamline the workspace. You’ll want to make sure your workspace is uncluttered, and perfect for any aged child to get to work. Stock up on supplies you may need to organize the area you’re in.
  1. Start the first week the way you want the rest of the year to go. When a student starts their first week with a great attitude, it makes the weeks to come a more pleasant experience.
  • Make sure outfits are picked the night before school. Each night, have your child pick out the clothes they want to wear, along with lunch madd and snacks packed.
  • Have a checklist of all supplies. The ones you’ll need for school, and check them off as you sort through them.

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