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3 Things I Never Thought I’d Say as a Mom

Every parent has been there. You respond to your child for something they have done, and then you think – Did I just say that? Having kids isn’t easy, and to be honest can make you say some things you never thought you would say. In fact, there are times you realize you’re quoting your own parents, something many of us said we would never do. However, it’s okay. It’s all part of being a parent yourself.

1. Because I Said So.

Growing up, many people hear this. Many feel they would never use this against their kids. Think about what’s the point of it. It doesn’t give a reason. However, once you have your own kids, you realize – you don’t always need to give one.

because I said so

2. There’s Nothing You Can Say or Do That I Haven’t Already Done.

I hated hearing this as a kid, and I even remember trying to prove this one wrong. However, this quote isn’t about whether or not you have been through the experience. It’s about trying to prevent your kids from trying to get away with something without you knowing or trying to do something they know they shouldn’t be doing.

mom scolding son

3. Do As I Say, Not As I Do.

Personally, I NEVER thought this would come out of my mouth. In fact, I despised hearing this during my childhood. It always left me wondering, “If you don’t want me to do something, why is it alright for you to do it?” However, this phrase can sometimes be the only explanation you can give. For example, when you’re explaining to a 4 year old they are not suppose to say a bad word, and then later on down the road, you accidently say it.

mom scolding teenage daughter

“Don’t make me come back there” or “Because I said so”… there are plenty of phrases parents say that they never thought would come out of their mouths. Everyone does it. Think about it, what have you said as a parent that you never expected to say?

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