Why Art and Creativity Are Important For Your Growing Child

Happy child with painted hands

If you’re a parent to a preschooler, you probably understand that nothing they draw is planned. That is until you ask them what they’re drawing, they probably haven’t put much thought of it. Your little kid is a master of the moment, they love to do and create in the exact moment their in. The best thing you can do is let them be in the moment and let them enjoy the process of being creative.

Why Foster The Love Of Art?
It’s important to help your child develop mentally, socially, and emotionally, that’s why you should let them be creative. When your child creates art, this may also help them analyze and solve problems much easier. By picking up a paintbrush, your little one is improving their fine motor skills and math skills when they count the colors they use. When kids are allowed to experiment with art, this boosts their self-confidence.

Here are some ways to inspire their creativity:
Avoid giving direction
This is hard, but important when it comes to your child. It’s best to have a time where they can just “be.” This means to try and not tell them what to make or how to make something. Instead encourage your child to experiment using different colors with different types of brushes.

Let it be
When your child finishes something that they made with their own creative imagination, never suggest changing their work of art. This will limit what they will want to do and not do when it comes to being creative.

It’s okay to have a mess
It’s best to set your art space up where your child can be free and can make a mess. Throw a drop cloth on the floor if you’re worried about the flooring, and let your child go to work. If it’s a nice day, you can always set your child up outside.

Ask questions
When your child creates something, encourage them to speak specifically about what they’re doing. If you think your child drew a lot of balloons, ask them why they chose balloons and get their mind ticking.

Don’t draw with your child
It’s never a good idea for parents to draw with their children because when their child will feel inferior. It’s best to stay close to them and be supportive of whatever your child makes.

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