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Are You Raising Your Kids To Be Nice?

Are You Raising Your Kids To Be Nice?

raising kids

Did you know a recent study was conducted that asked our youth about what their parents main concern was? About eighty percent replied with parents being concerned with their achievement or happiness other than if they cared for others. To make sure you’re raising your kids to be nice and not an egocentric, here are some strategies to live by.


Make caring for others a priority

Parents prioritize the happiness of their children over concern for other people. Children can’t learn the balance of their needs and someone else’s needs. Start by teaching your child to care for others and why it’s a priority. Teach them to honor their commitments. No matter what, if a child gave their word to do something, they need to follow through and do it.


Give your children opportunities to care for others

A child should practice caring for others and expressing kindness for those who care for them. People that get in a habit of expressing gratitude are likely to be helpful, generous, happy and healthy.  Learning to care for others takes practice. Daily repetition of helping other people before you will likely develop over time. Whether it’s pitching in to help around the house, or helping out in the classroom at school, learning gratitude involves practice.


Be concerned for others

Most children care about themselves, then for their immediate family. The challenge is raising your kids to care for someone out of the box. It might even be someone they’ve never met before, or doesn’t speak their language.  Have your child listen and watch closely to see different perspectives in life. They need to understand the decisions they make, will affect more than just them. Before a child makes a decision, they should think of the consequences. This should all be instilled in them, so they will grow up to be a kind and concerned person.


Be a role model

Children learn by example. If you look around, other children act like their parents. They learn everything from values to ethical dilemma from their parents. If parents don’t respect others or think of others, their kids won’t.  By doing the right thing in life, it will help raising your kids to have integrity. If you see clothes off a hanger at a store, do you pick them up? Children will model behavior they see. Command respect as they should be given respect too. Listen to what their voicing to you.

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