4 Ways To Slim Down For Summer


There is tons of advice for when it comes to shedding those much needed pounds. Diets ruin many bodies, limiting you to disgusting foods only to binge eat later on. Dieting is really a temporary solution to losing weight, and it comes down to eating right and exercising regularly.

Exercise is important to many people, especially if they want to slim down. But some might be staying countless hours at the gym, while others stay a shorter amount of time, yet achieve the same results. Here are some tips to maximize your workout and make time count at the gym.


In reality, many of us know if too much weight drops too soon, a yo-yo effect will take place. Its all about being consistent and if you’re going about it in a safe way, it’s alright to drop five pounds in one week and then only a pound the next. Working within a deadline can actually increase motivation, which means that you lose weight quicker.

eat fiber

Consuming water not only aids in digestion, but it also helps to lose weight. Many people think by consuming water before a meal, they won’t eat as much. By eating something healthy and high in fiber before a big meal will help to eliminate the feeling of hunger.

weigh yourself

It may seem obsessive to jump on a scale daily, but its actually effective. A recent study showed that people who weighed themselves all the time lost four times as much as a person that weighed inconsistently. Weighing yourself daily has been associated with an increased amount of willpower and improved body satisfaction. When we see specific numbers on the scale, we can be mindful throughout the day.

calorie counting

There is much truth in “counting calories” and this does help to drop extra pounds. One of the main reasons why we get stuck in plateaus while losing weight is because we concern ourselves more with the amount of calories, rather than the amount of times they eat in a day. Focusing on calories makes metabolism slow down as it expects a “certain amount” of calories daily.  Make sure to at least eat 1,200 calories daily and try not to skip meals, which will affect blood-glucose levels.

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