4 Myths of Pregnancy


You’ve taken the test and it turns out it is positive. You are over the moon, because the answer to your prayers is there in that little test, you are pregnant. But now the anxieties begin. There are so many myths of pregnancy it can be hard to separate the truth from the old wives tales. Can I tell if it is a boy or a girl by where I carry it? Sure our grandparents used this and it was probably right enough times for them to have faith in it. Today, however, we have ultrasound if we really want to know. But some of these myths of pregnancy can actually be harmful if you don’t know the truth. Luckily there are a wealth of ways to find out which old wives tales to pay attention to, or at least not worry about, and which ones you need to toss out the door.

1. Getting the Flu Shot

There has been a story or two circulating on the web for years now that getting a flu shot when you are pregnant is dangerous. In reality that flu shot can save both your life and the life of your baby. That’s because pregnant women’s immune systems are down so they can get far sicker than the majority of the population from a simple thing like the flu. In some cases it can even kill you, according to respected health site WebMD. If you are worried about being exposed to a live flu virus, be sure to get the shot instead of the nasal drops. If you are worried about preservatives in the flu shot hurting the baby, ask your doctor to be sure your flu shot is thimerosal-free. Then stop worrying.

2. Eating for Two

Yes, you do have an extra person in there but if you are taking that extra adult serving of mac and cheese you are overcompensating for the baby. Losing that extra weight after the baby is born can be tough, so make sure you are only eating an extra 300 calories each day, not doubling up on your calories. You would only need to add an extra glass of skim milk with half a sandwich for this. Gaining 25 to 30 pounds over a pregnancy is healthy, but more than that can cause complications. Women who gain 50 pounds can find they need a cesarean to birth that big baby.

3. Can I Dye My Hair?

Women today are more likely to be sporting a color that isn’t exactly their own. But when we are pregnant we worry that all those chemicals could hurt the baby. Relax, and take care of those dark roots while you are carrying. Truth is, the chemicals you see in hair coloring are pretty minimal and only stay in the skin for a short amount of time. It isn’t long enough to actually hurt the fetus. But the smell may make a pregnant woman feel faint, so be sure the area is well ventilated when you do that touch-up.

4. Dispelling the Myths of Pregnancy

While we are at the job of dispelling these myths, let’s get the whole question of coffee out in the open. For years we have been hearing that drinking coffee is bad for you. But in the last few years we have begun to understand both coffee and pregnancy better. Now it appears that the one morning cup is fine, just keep it to that and skip the caffeine laden soft drinks. But if drinking coffee is okay, can a pregnant woman still eat fish? While you want to avoid the type of fish that can be high in mercury such as swordfish and shark, eating cold water fish is actually a good idea when you are pregnant. That’s because of their high Omega-3 content that is so important to the development of brains and vision for the baby. So check out those myths of pregnancy before giving up your morning cup of joe or that flu shot. After all, you should be doing all you can to enjoy this special time of your life.

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