4 Of The Best Amusement Parks In The U.S. (Other Than Disney)


Growing up, I remember going to a variety of different amusement parks with my family. In fact, it was one of the few vacation spots we went to because there was something everyone in our large family could enjoy.  With the measles outbreak at Disneyland in January 2015, many families have wondered what other options there are. What are the best amusement parks other than Disneyworld?

The Coaster Enthusiast

If you love riding roller coasters, check out Cedar Point. This famous amusement park known as the ‘Roller Coaster Capital of the World’ and features over 17 different roller coasters; but it doesn’t stop there. Cedar Point has a water park, four great kid areas, plenty of mouth watering food options, live entertainment, all on a beachfront property.

The Family Choice

When you have young children it can be harder to find attractions that will fit the needs of everyone. However, Legoland California offers 60 different rides, shows, and attractions with the majority of them tailored to children ages 2 to 12. From Duplo Village to Volvo Driving School, with so many areas to visit there’s something for every Lego fan.

The Young Approach

When looking for amusement parks to fit younger children it can be a little trickier, but Sesame Place in Langhorne, PA is great for kids 7 and under. All your favorite Sesame Street pals are there from Cookie’s Monster Land to Big Bird’s Rambling River, there are plenty of both wet and dry attractions. Patrons are recommended to bring proper swimwear to fully enjoy all the park has to offer.

Water Fun Special

This family owned and operated company is located across 65 acres of land. The Schlitterbahn water park features: kid’s water playgrounds, beaches, surfing, heated pools, slides, and much more. Whether you want to relax by the pool or searching for the high thrill adrenaline rush of the Master Blaster, there is something for everyone.

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