3 Ways to Make Time for Date Nights

Making time for date nights

When we first get married, we have tons of time for ourselves. Date nights were a normal occurrence, and weren’t really considered something to “plan”. However, once children were added to the mix, date nights became a rare affair. Couples may not have the funds to pay a sitter, or the time to arrange childcare.

Marriages take work, and date nights are a very important aspect of a strong marriage. Therefore, it is important for parents to make time for date nights. Here are three ways that you can make date nights happen!

1. Put the kids to bed early

This is our personal favorite way to make sure date nights happen. We tend to do this once a week. The kids go to bed early (8:00) and we pop in a DVD and eat ice cream. It may not be fancy, but it is an easy way to take time to connect with each other.

pencil in date night

2. Swap child care

Chances are if you are having a hard time finding childcare, your friends are too. So, why not swap childcare once a month? Tell your friends you will watch their kids one week, while they watch yours the next.


3. Pencil it in

Go to your calendar right now. Mark date night on the calendar and circle it in red. Put the date in your phone, on your computer and your mirror. This way no one plans something on date night. The only way you are going to make time for date nights, is if you make it a priority.

pencil in date night

As parents, we are all busy. We all have schedules to manage, children to wrangle, and jobs to do. However, one of our first priorities should be our marriages. So, take the time now to make time for a date night!

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