3 Mobile Apps Your Child Should Avoid

people-315907_640Every day more and more mobile applications (apps) are being created. Unfortunately, very few apps have an age verification process. Therefore, it is important to watch what apps your child is downloading. Help prevent your child from becoming a victim by avoiding these three mobile apps.

Whisper is an application that is used to anonymously post messages or “secrets” and chat with other users. It is often used by young people to post things they don’t feel comfortable talking with their friends about. Each message is only sent to others who use the app in your specific geographical area. The downfall for this app is you are communicating with strangers. You don’t know who is talking to your child and the messages are sent to people who live near you.

Poof is a security app. It allows the user to make apps disappear from their phone. All your child has to do is open up the app, and select which applications they want to hide. Then once it is completed, you won’t even know they are on there.

SnapChat is a real-time app. It allows you to capture both videos and images, and then provide it to a recipient for a specific amount of time. After the time limit has expired, the video or picture will disappear forever, or so they say. Unfortunately, this app can give a false sense of security to your child, and kids tend to use this app to send and receive inappropriate imagery. They don’t think about the consequences the image can have, because it supposedly deletes forever. However, there are ways around this, such as print screen, that can allow the user to capture the image forever.

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