3 Great Kids Pet Books


Kids and pets, for many families the two ideas just seem to go together. If your family is just thinking now about adding a pet to the family, you might want to consider these kids pet books. If they already have a pet they adore, all the more reason to love these books. From Dr. Seuss’s fun book on which pet to choose to James Dean’s whimsical and funny Pete the Cat books, here are some kids books about pets they will read again and again.

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes

Eric Litwin has created a wonderful series of books that will tickle your kids fancy. Just be prepared to hear them singing the songs that come with the books at the top of their lungs for days after reading. Pete the cat has all kinds of adventures that also teach kids fun ideas, this time with his shoes. He loves his shoes, sings about them and no matter what happens to his shoes, he still loves them. The lesson is to keep on with loving your life. This is one cool cat with a great attitude.

What Pet Should I Get?

Here is your chance to read with your kids a never before published kids pet book by the late great Dr. Seuss. A brother and sister wander into a pet store, thinking about what kind of pet they want to get. Of course, this being Dr. Seuss the kids have to look at every kind of pet trying to make their minds up. Like all of his books, it has silly sounding rhymes that teach kids a lesson in a zany fun way.

Arthur’s New Puppy

The little ones will love Arthur’s new kid’s pet book adventure. This is the 18th book in the series so be prepared to be looking for more Arthur books from Marc Brown once your kids fall in love with this one. This time Arthur brings home a puppy that he just loves. But when the gate gets left open and the puppy takes off on his own adventure, Arthur will have to use all his newly learned puppy training skills to rescue him. Kids love Arthur because despite being a cartoon, he is really just like many little boys and girls. Every book has a lesson but is also easy to read and fun to share.

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