3 Clever Ways To Reuse Your Valentine’s Day Leftovers

It’s that time of year again; heart shaped boxes of chocolate, flower bouquets, romantic cards slipped to that special someone. Unfortunately, lots of the leftovers end up in the trash. Whether you’re preparing for this Valentine’s Day or are looking for some fun ways to recycle this year’s Valentine’s Day loot, here are some fun craft ideas for both you and the kids.

Heart Shaped Candy Box Picture Frame

This cute project requires: an empty heart shaped candy box, glue, a picture, and scissors or X-ACTO knife. One side of the candy box is used to create the easel style back, and the other is used to hold the picture. For a further breakdown of this project, check out Ljcfyi.



Valentine’s Day Card Coasters

This fun craft project is great for both large greeting card sized Valentine’s Cards or for the small ones kids use at school. However, the kids ones tend to offer brighter and cute characters that are not heart or Valentine’s Day specific. To make these fun coasters, you will need Valentine’s Day cards, mat board, fancy paper (paper with fun coloring or patterns), and glossy decoupage glue. For further instructions, check out Rachel Ray’s “Reuse our Valentines Day Cards.”


Heart Shaped Candy Box/Tin Surprise

This fun project can be used for a variety of occasions – Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries, and more. All you need are the following supplies: an empty heart shaped candy box or tin, double sided matte paper, vellum paper, ribbon, and any other items you want to add to the gift box. For step by step instructions, head over to Cupcake Vixens  “Sweet Hearts for Sweethearts”. The project in the article is setup using 8.5 x 11 inch page.


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