Your Toddler Taking Milestones

toddler talking milestones

When your toddler started to walk, they learned quickly how to perfect their walk and then they started to run. After taking long, quick strides, your toddler was comfortable enough to start climbing. Just like that, your child will become a brand new talker and begin to make successful strides in their language development. Here are some important milestones to watch for.

Toddlers learn many new words and form sentences

The amount of words your child will have in their life, will expand rapidly. By the age of two, your child should typically be able to connect the words “go” and “bye-bye” to their actions and forming a sentence. When your little one turns three years old, they should be able to form three to four word sentences in their vocabulary.

Toddlers will use language to imitate their actions

Parents, as your toddler engages in their pretend play, they will start to think out loud talking and babbling about what they’re doing. They may also develop some ability to talk about past experiences they had maybe as simple as talking about a book or game you played. This is extremely important because your child is learning how to produce a story.

Your toddler may use real words and babble too

You may start to notice your little one have ease in talking to you as their caregiver, but when it comes to talking to someone else, they may just babble. Anyone that is outside of the toddler’s family may experience difficulty in understanding a story your child tries to explain.

Toddlers arrive at their language in many different ways

You may have had a toddler in the past that started to talk quick and your child now isn’t talking as fast as your first child. Don’t worry because every child is different. Some children may learn to develop their language in spurts, while others show a more steady growth in producing their words.

Toddlers learn and develop an awareness of their new words

Your toddler is continually learning new things every day. Whether you teach them or they learn it on their own, they’re constantly exploring and learning new things. Your toddler also will learn that their words get attention, get them fed, and cause havoc when necessary. Your little one will learn quick that this is how they express their feelings.

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