X-Factor Bullies Flee Show and Country


Bullies are bullies, even if they are famous personalities or X-Factor bullies. Thank goodness that New Zealand’s X-Factor recognized this and booted their two small-minded judges off the show for proving it. When Natalia Kills and Willy Moon insulted and ridiculed contestant Joe Irvine during their very first appearance on the show, you could hear the audience booing the judges in the background. It was for good reason, since what both of these performers said was beyond belief. I think even Simon Cowell would be embarrassed to hear the belittling remarks the two made on the show.

X-Factor Bullies Poor Role Models for Kids

With kids these days facing bullying in classrooms and particularly on the internet, who needs this kind of role model on national television? I think it is a wonderful testament to the show that they not only booted these X-Factor bullies off the very next day, but stood up and said that everyone connected with the show agreed it was the right thing to do. It is one thing to say someone didn’t perform well, but to ridicule and put down the performer from a position of authority is the classic definition of a bully. We certainly don’t need that kind of entertainment on our televisions. Apparently I am not alone in this thought since change.org gathered 70,000 signatures in less than 24 hours demanding the pair be given the door.

No Tolerance for Bullies

In the end perhaps this whole event has turned out better than could have been expected. The two X-Factor bullies were kicked off the show. In fact, they have been seen leaving New Zealand, which is perhaps not a bad idea. The bullied performer, Joe Irvine, received encouragement to stay the course from none other than New Zealand’s pop queen Lorde (and cupcakes!) as well as other performers. So what is the lesson for kids to take home with them? That bullies never win and if bullied they should show the same grace under fire that Joe did. Not a bad lesson in handling bullies for any kid to have.

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