When Grandparents Spoil Your Children

When Grandparents Spoil Your Children


Grandparents have been spoiling their grand-babies forever and it simply makes them happy. Your parents and in-laws have already raised their children, and now it’s time for them to have some fun. Most grandparents are willing to indulge their grandkids at extreme measures; grandparents spend an average of $50 billion annually on their grandkids.

Yes, the generosity is nice, but it doesn’t get them off the hook. It’s important to make sure the parenting philosophies are the same. You and your spouse have worked hard to instill respect and rules in your kids, and it’s important that grandparents know and respect what these rules are.

What happens at grandma’s, stays at grandma’s.

It’s important to explain to your children what the rules are at home, and what the rules are at grandma’s house. If they’re altered a little bit, that’s okay. Little kids will understand quickly what they can get away with and what they can’t. Aside from being spoiled, some things can stay at grandma and grandpas.

Let some things go.

If grandparents are spoiling in a small degree, think clearly about it, and you might just want to let it go. This is true especially if they live far away and never see their grandkids. After all, if they respect the limits that are set for the kids, be flexible with them.

Get their help.

Simply asking parents to stop the spoiling of their grandbabies, will not work. Instead, talk with them respectfully and make them part of the solution, not the problem. Give grandparents some rules on the spoiling and ask for their input. A lot of grandparents know no different, and spoiling is what they know.

Toughen up.

It’s time to toughen up if your parents or in-laws haven’t changed. You might want to let them know that your child’s behavior is starting to become an issue when they come home. It’s helpful to explain that you had rules growing up in which you had to abide by, and now these are your rules.



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