Appropriate Times And Methods For Positive Reinforcement


Parents who practice positive reinforcement may have kids who are better adjusted.  But there are appropriate times and methods to praise kids for positive reinforcement.  Plus many reasons why you want to use these methods to make sure your kids know they are doing well.  Of course this doesn’t mean that you don’t correct them if they do wrong, however, using both positive reinforcement along with discipline is the best way to raise a well behaved child.


Often times a child may forget what is considered appropriate each day, this is normal.  They are learning afterwards, they don’t know right from wrong naturally, you have to teach this to them.  You may need to remind them often, but the right way to do it is through the use of responsive language.  This will be a positive guidance used verbally that will help your child remember how to behave.  Through the use of responsive language you will be giving your child not only an explanation but a reason behind why they should behave this way and not another way.


Do this through the use of positive terms though.  Try to not use words like “don’t”, “stop” and “no”.  Instead you can use the following examples.  Instead of stated to your child “Don’t run”, you could say, “please walk”.  Instead of saying “Don’t play with your food”, you could say, “Eat your meal.”  Another example is rather than saying “Don’t stand during the movie.” You could say “Sit down so others can see.”


When you give directions and make requests to your child you should always do so in a way that is respectful.  An example would be “After you are done eating, please throw away that napkin.”


You should validate the feelings of your child.  This can be done by saying something like, “I know you want to go now.  But keep in mind other kids want to have their turn too.”  This is pointing out that you know they are waiting and they are important, however, they should also remember everyone else is important as well.


Always try to be a model for your child as well, they learn from you and always watch what you are doing.  If you are not behaving in the right way, how can you expect your child to behave correctly?  A child is like sponge, who will absorb what happens around them, this includes words they hear, and things they see.  So be sure you are offering them the right things to soak up and learn.




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