Ways To Teach Kids How To Share


Sharing is a part of life, and something you will need to teach your child.  After all, you don’t want your child to be the one whom everyone else’s child seems to always get into a fight with.  In most cases, when this happens it’s because one of the children aren’t aware of how to share their things.


Really the steps of teaching your child how to share aren’t that hard, though they may take a bit of time.  The real problem may come when you’ve spoiled them at home, and they are an only child.  It may take a little time for them to adjust to being with other children and being able to share something, even if it’s not even theirs in the first place.


Keep in mind that the first thing a child will learn is selfishness.  You can’t expect them to automatically know how to share things.  Thus, the reason why you need to teach them to share in the first place.  If you haven’t run it across it yet, you will eventually hear the words “mine” from your own child.

This is natural, don’t think there is anything wrong with your child, no they are developing just fine.  It’s a part of life, this is them growing up and older.  But if you let them continue to stay in this mode of thinking, you are doing them no favors whatsoever.

Most parents will wonder just how long it will take for their child to grow out of this phase, even if they are teaching them.  Because at times it may seem like the child just can’t get the concept of sharing.  A child who is under the age of two will most likely not be willing to learn sharing, and will give you a bit more trouble.


However, placing them into a day care could be a great way to help stimulate sharing and how it works.  You will have to also work on it at home.  Though you may find some two year olds who share, most likely around three or even four you will see the real breakthroughs take place, possibly sooner if you’ve signed them up for a day care type of program.

Though you may still have some instances that come up from time to time that you will need to resolve.  So just keep in mind that it will take time for your young one to learn how to share, but please teach them it’s polite to share, and they should know how to do it.



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