Ways to Calm Kids Down from Tantrums Safely

Tantrums can be just as exhausting for the parent as they are for the child.  While most parents do not understand why their child is having a tantrum, trying to calm the child down can feel like an exhausting worthless effort.

There are many different ways in which one might want to try and calm their child from a tantrum.  The main thing that works for most is consistency in the way that they deal with the child and the tantrum.  This is going to reinforce that tantrums are never the answer or the right response.

Solve Problems to Prevent Tantrums

One of the best ways to avoid tantrums is to catch them before they happen.  Start to look for patterns in the child’s tantrums.  Are they always throwing a tantrum in the morning?  Is there a time when they are tantrum free?  Are there triggers that can relate to whether or not a child is going to throw a tantrum?  By doing this, one can find an alternative behavior to the tantrum.

Stay Calm

The hardest thing for any parent to do when their child is throwing a tantrum is to remain calm.  It is a very frustrating time for both the parent and the child.  Staying calm is the best way to quickly stop the behavior that is causing the tantrum.  Get down on the child’s level and look them in the eyes to calmly talk to them.


Remind Them That It is Hard to Understand a Tantrum


When a child is throwing a tantrum, calmly remind them that it is impossible to understand what they are saying right now.  Encourage them to talk softly so that they can be understood.


Talk About Choices


Remind the child that throwing a tantrum is a choice that they are making.  Encourage them to make better choices when they are upset.  This can include having a quiet area or a thinking rug where a child can go and sit to be left alone until they are ready to make the right choice for something they were asked to do.


Give New Direction


Many times once a child is throwing a tantrum they do not even remember what they started throwing their tantrum over.  Instead of getting mad at them and freaking out, redirect them to do something positive. This can sometimes cause a child to quit having a tantrum and get what needs to be done finished.

Offer The Child Positive Attention


Tell the child that they will have 3 minutes of time to talk but that if they are going to throw a fit or tantrum that they will not be understood.  This is a great way to end tantrums quick and to offer the child a bit of undivided attention from one of their parents.


Ignore the Behavior
Ignoring behavior does not work if the child is putting himself or someone else in danger.  It also does not work if the child is not calming down.  However many times the child just wants attention so ignoring the tantrum can cause them to end quicker.


Take Something Away


If a child throws a tantrum take away something that they enjoy like a tablet or TV time.  Explain to the child when they complain that throwing tantrums is not okay and that they are not going to be able to have things when they want to act that way.


Get a Timer


Using a timer to encourage activities will help a child to throw less tantrums.  Instead of asking a child to pick up their toys, set a timer and let the child know that after the timer goes off it is time to pick up.  Another great way to utilize a timer is to make things like picking up a game.  This can be done by telling the child that they have to try and get as many toys as they can picked up in 5 minutes.  Doing this will make it fun for children to try and beat each other to pick up the most toys.


Be Creative


Being a parent is never going to be easy.  When it comes to tantrums it can be quite difficult and sometimes might even feel impossible.  Instead of being hopeless get creative about ways that one can encourage their child to reach differently.

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