tween activities

Tween Activities for Summer

tween activities

You tween is looking forward to this summer as a great time to hang with friends, spend plenty of time online and just in general enjoy not having to go to school. But you can bet within a few weeks of that school closing, your walls will be echoing with cries of “Mom – I’m bored!” Before they get to that point, here are a few tween activities to keep them busy and happy.

Summer Camp
While it is probably a little late to sign them up for a full summer camp experience, plenty of churches and community organizations offer shorter local version. Camp experiences and the friends they make enrich their summer. There are summer camps centered on sports or arts or just about anything you can name. If your child loves music or dance or sports a summer camp might be just the ticket.

Organized Sports
The summer has a ton of great summer sports opportunities for your tween. They will gain friendships, learn to work as a team and arrive at a new understanding of how to acquire skills. Check your newspaper for listings of local sports clinics or summer leagues, or the bulletin board of the local community center.

If your child has a hobby they love, the summer is a great time for them to get fully immersed in it. You might want to watch for special summer conventions for collectors, anime fans or just about any kind of hobby. Whether they are into crafts, games or fun DIY projects like these on Pinterest, hobbies enrich anyone’s life.

Keeping Tween Activities Active
So why not have a chat with your tween and see what tween activites they want to do this summer? Keeping kids active leads to kids who are healthy and happy. While they may tell you they want to spend the day at the computer, make sure they have one of these outlets for their high energy. Most of all, give them some options to enjoy their summer. You find you will enjoy it more as well.

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