Toys That Will Last Generations

Toys for generations

When I purchase gifts for my children, I want to know that they will last more than just a month or so. I don’t want to spend our family’s hard-earned money on something that will just be a passing fancy.

After three kids, and years of running a daycare I have found a few toys to be ones that have truly lasted. They have been sturdy, they have been played with, and they have lasted through numerous children.

  1. Play Kitchens-Most kids love to cook food and play in a kitchen. Our Little Tykes Kitchen set has lasted over a decade and is a similar model to the one I had as a child.
  2. American Girl Dolls-Girls LOVE American Girl, and I know many friends have dolls from when we were younger, that they have now passed on to their daughters.
  3. Books-I have some of my favorite books as a child, and now love reading them to my own kids.
  4. Blocks-We have had the same mega block set for over a decade. They last, and kids love to play and build with them!
  5. Cars-My husband had hot wheels cars as a child that my son now loves to play with. These cars have gone many miles and have lasted for years and years.

When considering what to purchase your child for the next holiday or birthday, think about items that will last for a while. Purchase a toy that may last generations!

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