parents sanity

Top Sanity-Saving Tips For ALL Parents

 parents sanity

Parenting can be quite hard for all of us and sadly no one has written a manual on “how to be the perfect parent,” or else we would all have a copy. Thankfully when you’re a parent, the good times normally outweigh the bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy job. Once a person becomes a parent, there’s a good chance their days will be anything but boring. The days are replaced with emotional roller coaster rides that test a parents patience, while pulling at their heart strings.

Here are some of the best tips to help parents preserve their sanity on a day-to-day basis, while also keeping a smile on their faces.

  1. Understand that this too shall pass. Any human being who is a parent understands that parenting is hard. It’s not something you can study for and then automatically you’re a great parent. There are many stages throughout your child’s life, but remember that it too will pass.
  2. Remember to say “I love you” and hug your kids daily. Life is so short and kids will be grown up before you know it. Acknowledge your kids and give them no reason to doubt the love you have for them.
  3. Google isn’t always right. Parents tend to believe everything they read on the internet, especially google. Before getting on the internet to type in your child’s symptoms, call the doctor. Surfing the net will just worry you even more.
  4. Forgive yourself, and your child. Perfect parents and perfect children don’t exist, so forgive yourself and understand that children make mistakes too. Life is all about trying new things and testing the limits, just remember how you were as a kid.
  5. Avoid negative people. Becoming a parent also means getting advice from people you may not want advice from. Steer clear of negative people because they’ll do their best to make you second guess yourself, normally because they’re jealous.
  6. Don’t sacrifice family time. Keep reminding yourself that the dishes can wait and everything else. Your children will be grown before you know it, so take the time and spend it with your children. It’s important to cherish and embrace the time spent with your family, and enjoy each new stage your child enters throughout their life. Even though some stages may be harder than others, enjoy all of them.

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