kids with cell phones

The Top Rules For Kids Who Have A Phone

kids with phones

No matter if your kid is heading to school with their brand new cell phone or if their already a cell-phone pro, it’s extremely important to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to being “cell-phone responsible.” You’re able to monitor kids at home, but when they leave your sight, their on their own. It’s important for you to teach your kids these top rules when it comes to their cell phone use.

Rule #1: Always pick up if it’s mom or dad
This is one of the most important rules when it comes to owning a cell phone. You may be annoyed if parents call all the time, but that’s okay. It’s important to never, ever send your parents to voicemail.

Rule #2: Never flaunt it
When you own a cell phone, this is a privilege that not every kid gets to have. It’s okay to be excited that you have something that most kids don’t, but it’s your responsibility to never show off something that could make others feel bad.

Rule #3: Respect school rules
Even though some schools allow cell phones to be used throughout the day, that doesn’t mean every school allows that. Find out what your school’s rules are and make sure you abide by these rules. Abusing these rules could jeopardize the others in your school’s freedom, not to mention you could get suspended.

Rule #4: Always ask permission before downloading
While some kids have their own account, this doesn’t mean to download whatever you want. Some apps have hidden costs and before you know it, extra charges incur and parents are billed. Parents need to monitor certain apps to make sure it’s age appropriate before buying or downloading for free.

Rule #5: Don’t use the phone unless it’s for good
There’s many people that misbehave while their phone is in their possession. If you’re at school, make sure you’re setting an example and not disobeying the school rules. Don’t let the phone be your number one priority because it will never be more important than a personal relationship you can have with someone.

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