Your Toddler’s Weird Behavior Explained


When your toddler out of nowhere starts displaying weird behavior, this may alarm you. But the truth of the matter is, this behavior can surface from anywhere. Maybe the two of you are at the grocery store and the entire time they’re being good, but then you notice your little one digging in their nose for gold. Or maybe your toddler insists on wearing the ugliest of clothes combinations or a ski hat in the middle of summer? This list could go on and on, but is their anything you can do as their parent?

First and foremost, pick your battles.

It may be impossible to not immediately try and stop your toddler’s weird behavior, but figure out if this behavior is damaging to them or is it just irritating to you. For instance, if your child wants to wear an outfit that doesn’t match and it’s not harming them, so be it. If your little one is biting their nails and their cuticles are bleeding, causing an area for bacteria to form, you may want to cut that behavior.

Find the reason behind the behavior.

You want to first look at if your toddler has had any recent changes to their routine, or any reason why they would be struggling. Toddlers have a tendency to do weird things because of the stage their in. They typically will choose a self-comforting tool to cope with the stress they feel, which may be helping them deal with it. It may be best to overlook the weird behavior and get down to root of the problem their having.

Figure out a plan for your tot.

If you take the approach and decide to put some limits on your child’s weird habits because it’s in their best interest and you’re the parent, then do so.

Take their mind off of the behavior. If you notice your child doing these behaviors during a specific time in the day, you may want to help them overcome this. If their touching themselves while watching T.V, give them something to occupy their hands.

-Put limits on the behavior. You may not love the new habit they’ve piccked up, but it’s important to tolerate it at home at not in public. Your still letting tour child get away with it at home, but giving them some rules too.

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