The Possible Causes Of Your Toddler Waking

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If you’ve heard other parents brag, telling everyone their baby is “sleeping through the night,” you may be thinking what you’re doing different. While many people associate night waking with infants, even the healthiest of people experience multiple waking throughout the night. In some point of their lives, children may wake up in the evening, but fall back asleep on their own. It only becomes a problem when they can’t fall back asleep on their own, and then enter into their parents room waking them too.

It’s a fact that “sleeping through the night,” is a myth. No one, not even the healthiest people sleep through the night. Even adults, babies and children experience arousals throughout the night as they sleep. If your child is waking up more than a few minutes in duration, occurring multiple times at night, resulting in an increased amount of irritability during the daytime, this may be problematic.

Here are some possible causes that you can narrow down of why your child is waking:

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