toddler shoes

Toddler Shoes For Fast Growers

toddler shoes

Toddler Shoes For Fast Growers

Once your little one starts to walk, it’s extremely important to have her fitted and in the best shoes or no shoes. It’s fine for your little one to be barefoot when she’s home, but when your out and about she’ll need shoes. Make sure you get a shoe that functions and is form-fitting to your little ones feet. Here’s how to pick the best toddler shoes for your growing tot’s foot.

Toddler Shoes-Measurement:

Try not to order shoes online because you don’t know how they’ll fit. Go to a shoe store that specializes in kids shoes (stride rite) or a department store that has a kids shoe department and will measure your child’s foot. Toddler’s feet grow quickly so the average life-span of shoes are two-three months.

Toddler Shoes-Stand Tall:

Have your child stand when trying shoes on. Little ones tend to curl their toes upwards and that can throw the sizing off.

Toddler Shoes-Socks:

Make sure you try on your child’s shoes with the socks in their drawer. That way you’ll get the proper fit.

Toddler Shoes-Thumbs Width:

Stick out your thumb to make sure your little one’s big toe isn’t hitting the front of the shoes. The best fit is a thumbs width between her toe and the tip of the shoe.

Toddler Shoes-Buy:

Parents tend to buy shoes a half of size bigger so their kids will get more use. Shoes that are too big are unsafe and can cause your child to not properly walk.

Toddler Shoes-Heel:

Watch the heel of the shoe your toddler is wearing. If their foot slips in and out of the heel, it’s not a good fit and could cause blisters.

Toddler Shoes-Comfort:

A ton of parents love to put their child in shoes that “look” good. When it comes to shoes, as long as their comfortable and fit the foot properly, it doesn’t matter when it comes to looks.

Toddler Shoes-Material Matters:

When looking for sandals, stay away from non-porous materials like plastic. You should be able to bend the shoe in half with no effort.

Toddler Shoes-Groovy:

Stick with shoes that have grooves on the bottom and not smooth. Your child will likely slip walking in rain and will not be able to grip the pavement.

Toddler Shoes-Choose:

If your little one is picky about shoes, let her pick. Give her two options that are definite, and let her choose.

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