blowing nose

Toddler Blowing Nose Tips For The Modern Mom

Toddler Blowing Nose Tips For The Modern Mom

blowing nose

When you become a parent, you learn that there are many skills in life you take for granted, such as a simple blowing nose. As simple as it is, blowing your nose is an easy adult task, but it can be as complicated as teaching your child a new language. Start by trying to explain to your little one exactly how you execute this task. Try not to get frustrated when your dealing with a distracted, cranky child that won’t let you near there nose with that tissue you have in your hand.

Rather than creating a war with your child, fighting over their runny nose, grab some Boogie Wipes. These are great because they come pre-moistened and smell good. Here are some tried and true tips of toddler nose blowing.

Keep your hands away.

Little noses are self-cleaning and at most, you’ll just need to dab around the area of their nose. It’s important to make sure your child’s nose stays dry because it can become very red if too moist. Unless your child has a cold, stay away from your toddler’s nose.

How to wipe their nose.

Whether your little one’s discharge is yellow, green or clear, cleaning up the mess is the same. You’ll want to start by using a clean tissue and dab away any visible drips. Ask your little one to blow their nose and if their too small, use a nasal suction (nose frida) to remove the drips because aspirators can damage the inside of your little one’s nose.

Teaching a child steps for blowing nose.

No child comes into this world knowing how to blow their nose, but if your child can take direction, they’ll understand how to blow their nose.

  • Start by showing them (literally) how you blow your nose. Make it sound like a fun thing to do, making loud noises.
  • Teach your little one how to sniff in (which is much easier), and then teach her how to sniff out. Constant repetition will help.
  • Keep a tissue box out and decorate it with your little one’s name so they know that’s their own box of tissues.
  • Even when your child can’t completely blow, teach them to at least dab their nose with a tissue.



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