Three Tips for Handling Food Allergies

Food allergy

Chances are you, or someone you know has a child with a food allergy. Typical allergens are wheat, gluten, dairy, milk, shellfish, and peanuts. There are loads of not so typical ones as well, like the one in our household-baker’s yeast.

Because food allergies are becoming more and more common, handling them is something that everyone needs to learn how to do. Here are three tips that can help you handle food allergies.

  1. Be Prepared: If you throw an event in your home ask beforehand if anyone as any food allergies. If they do, find out what they are, and prepare accordingly. Let others who may be bringing food know that there will be a guest attending with a food allergy. Have signs on food that show it is “gluten free” or “dairy free”.
  2. Be Considerate: ALWAYS offer to accommodate a guest in your home who has a food allergy. Often times the guest will turn it down because they may worry about cross contamination. However, they may be happy to oblige. The considerate thing to do is always offer. With young children, they will want to eat what everyone else is having, so be considerate of this when preparing the menu.
  3. Check Labels: If a person coming into your home has a food allergy, be sure to check all labels before offering them a food. This is especially important with young children. They may not know what they can and cannot have, so check the label. If you don’t know how, ask! Allergy parents are often happy to check for you, or show you what their child is allergic to.

I hope that these tips can help you when you have a guest with food allergies. As food allergies become more and more common it is important for those without them to understand and be considerate of those who are dealing with food allergies.


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