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The Things In Life You Don’t Owe Your Child

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As a society, we’re way too concerned about what it is that were entitled to. As a result, our children are being born into a world that’s completely self-indulged, leaving no room for them to be grateful. A parent should give their children unconditional love, respect, shelter and food, but they don’t owe their children anything. The quicker your child learns that they aren’t entitled to things in life, the better their life will be. Here are some things you don’t owe your child:

Children are not entitled to everything they see. First, it’s important to help them  appreciate the things they already have in life. It’s important to teach them the value of the things they might want, but not need. Explain to them the importance of saving their money for the things they might want, and they will see how long it takes to save for that item.

Children are not entitled to having you as a maid. Being a mother is hard enough, but its important to teach your child to clean up after themselves. Obviously, it’s a little hard when their infants, but once their old enough to communicate they can start being a little responsible for cleaning up.

Children are not entitled to get perfect grades. We may think our child’s perfect at whatever they may do, but it’s important for them to work for their good grades not think it will just come. Having a parent helicopter over them in school will not teach a child to put the right time in to achieve the necessary things they receive. Step back and let your child do the work to get to the next phase.

Children are not entitled to being rewarded for good behavior. Just because your child was on their best behavior, doesn’t mean you owe them a toy. The truth is, your child should always be on their best behavior because that should be important to them. Consistently give your child positive reinforcement if they deserve it, and tell them they did a wonderful job.

Children are not entitled to being everyone’s friend. Every person measures relationships in life different. It’s important to teach children that having a few good friends is better than having no one as a friend. Your child needs to learn how to be a good friend in order to make friends and keep them.

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