The Great Toy Box Clean Out

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One of the things that I dread the most as a mom is cleaning out the toy boxes.  I just know that it is going to be overwhelming, a ton of work, and that I am not going to be able to choose what should go and what should stay.  Recently I was able to overcome this dread of cleaning out our toy boxes.  There are three categories that toys can fall into…keep, donate, and throw away.  Here are something to consider for each of these categories.

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What to Keep

You will want to keep the things that your kids are still playing with on a regular basis.  You do not want to get rid of toys that they use and enjoy playing with because this could lead to resentment and them having a harder time helping you clean out their toys in the future.

Think about toys that might have special meaning for your child.  Did you pick up a specific stuffed animal on vacation?  Did someone important in your child’s life pick out and give a special toy to them?  If so, you might want to keep these toys in a tote that you put away in storage as they could really mean something to your child as they get older.

Finally think about toys that your child might not play with much now but might play with in the future.  Also consider younger siblings and toys that they might enjoy.  A lot of educational toys are a great choice for toys to keep when cleaning out toy boxes as are games and pieces that go with large sets of toys that your younger children might one day enjoy playing with.

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What to Donate

Think about the condition of the toy.  Is it in good shape?  Can it still be played with?  Is it missing pieces?  Remember that donating toys should be done with the spirit of giving and that you want to give away toys that children are actually going to be able to use.

Consider where your toys could be used.  Daycares and child care centers are often in need of used children’s items.  Other places to consider include shelters, local churches, hospitals, and any place where children are at.  These places all survive off of the generous donations of others so it is a great way for you to give back to the places that you use for your children.  Educational toys, wooden toys, and toys that are high in quality are perfect for donating.

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What to Toss Out

Throwing away toys can be challenging because it can be hard to get rid of things.  One of the easiest things to do is determine that if a toy is missing pieces of broken that it be thrown away.  This will help you to quickly throw them away.

Toss out cheap toys that are from dollar bins, discount stores, and that have been obtained from fast food chains.  No one is going to want these toys second hand and they are just added clutter that is taking up space in your home.

Next toss out all toys that are stained, dirty, and not able to be cleaned.  You do not want to donate something that you yourself would not use.

Getting rid of toys and cleaning out the toy box is going to make you feel accomplished.  It will also allow your children to have more fun when playing because they are not going to have to dig through clutter to find what they want to play with.

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