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The Benefits Of Implementing A Mommy Schedule

The Benefits Of Implementing A Mommy Schedule

mommy schedule

In life, many of us are afraid of different things, but what ties us together is being afraid of the unknown. It’s important to establish a mommy schedule early in life (3 weeks old), so they develop a sense of mastery in handling their lives. As this sensory strengthens, children can tackle larger changes in their life. Life produces changes that can’t be avoided and therefore offering children a predictable routine as a beginning foundation, is the best thing we can do as parents.

Yes, there are kids who come from a home full of chaos and never learn that life can be organized. When children aren’t given a specific time to do homework and have no rules, they aren’t able to accomplish an unpleasant task in life.

And then there’s the people that say too much structure isn’t a good thing. Too much of something is never a good thing, and that counts for everything. Routines allow children to internalize habits that are constructive, which help them take care for themselves as young adults.

Here are the benefits of creating a mommy schedule for your child:

1.Routines help build a deep connection with each child. When it’s bedtime, it’s good to snuggle and read a bedtime story to create memories that will last a lifetime.

2.They help children get on a good schedule, which means they’ll fall asleep better at night because they know what to expect.

3.Parents are more likely to stay consistent with the expectations they have for their children and not likely to cave if kids try to push the limits.

4.Kids learn to “look forward” to something in their life. This makes them happy because if they know that “going for a walk” comes after breakfast, they look forward to finishing their meal.

5.Having a routine helps children be in control of their own agenda, which we all know kids love to be in charge of themselves. If kids learn that after bath, they brush their teeth, they will start doing these things on their own.

6.By being consistent, children, are more likely to cooperate which gives parents an easier time during each transition.

7.Children aren’t as likely to nag and take their parents through different power struggles because they already know what is expected throughout the day.


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