Teen Asks Grandfather To Prom


In Albertville, Alabama, a high school student had the perfect dream prom night; but she didn’t attend with a fellow student. In fact, Joy Webb’s prom date may have begun like many others, with a carriage ride and a pleasant time dancing the night away. Except unlike other prom dates, Webb’s choice was none other than James Drain, her 80 year old grandfather.

For most students, dates are chosen on compatibility, who their friends with, or even by physical standards. However, Webb made her choice from the heart. After learning her grandfather never got to attend his own prom (He dropped out of high school to join the Navy during the Korean War), Webb wanted to make a special night for them both. So last month Joy asked her grandfather to prom over dinner stating: “Hey will you come to prom with me and be my beau?”  to which he responded “I sure will!”

Therefore, at Albertville High School, nearly 63 years after Drain missed his own prom, he finally got his wish to go. Plus, not one to slack on the milestone event, the 80 year old was able to cross another item off his bucket list – he wore his first tuxedo.

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