scared toddler

Talking to Kids About News

scared toddler

It’s our duty as parents to protect our kids from the very bad in the world, but it may not always be possible. Here are some ways to communicate with your kids, especially if they ask you questions that leave you feeling clueless as to how to answer them.

Figure out what the question your child is trying to ask

When children hear of scary events that have occurred, their natural reaction is to want to know what happened. They will inevitably start to ask for the details you may not even know, or more importantly what to tell them. Before answering the question your child has, ask your child what is it they would like to know, and then you as the parent will get a better idea of what they are worried about.

Keep Calm

More often than not, kids are quite sensitive to how their parents are feeling and why. If they know their parent is troubled, it affects them even more. It’s important to stay leveled as the parent, and be careful when your showing your emotions around your children. When it comes to kids and their developmental understanding, less is more in all realms. If you’re worried about something, it’s okay to tell them but reassure that you will be fine.

Make sure your child is following a routine

The fact is, life is unpredictable and we never know what is going to happen next. This is why it’s extremely important to have a schedule with your children and give them something predictable in their life. The reassurance a child receives when they know something will happen next is something never to underestimate. Also, make sure your child has a sense of regularity in their lives that lets them know the world will still carry on and things will be fine in the future.

Limit screen time

It’s important to limit the amount your child is in front of any type of screen, whether it’s the television or a smart tablet. These all have the ability to show your child something they don’t want to see, which will bring more trauma to your child then they need. If they want to watch a specific channel, let them know that you want to be the first one to deliver the news to them so they can understand it better.

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