skip the ER

A Surprising Emergency You Don’t Have To Go To The ER For

skip the ER

My two year old was just standing in the living room one day, fell with a sharp thud, then stood up quietly. Her head was split open to the bone. To this day I have no idea how it happened.

In case this ever happens to your child, let me share a little-known secret my husband actually discovered that is absolutely genius. In many cities, only emergency rooms and cosmetic surgeons are licensed to do stitches meaning that while you can’t go to your regular Pediatrician for stitches, you can go to a cosmetic surgeon.

If your child splits their head (or anything else) open, see if you can find a cosmetic surgeon who does stitches instead of going to the ER. The last time we went to the ER for one of our children, we went at 10pm and finally gave up and left unseen at 7:30am with a co-pay bill over a hundred dollars. This time, we went to a swanky, wood-planed upper east side plastic surgeon’s office. They immediately gave her a bandage over her cut with numbing lotion, within five minutes of walking in the door. I hadn’t even been asked what insurance they accepted.

They brought me tea. They rolled out a television for Adeleigh— and gave her a choice of movies. They saw her as soon as I finished filing out the paperwork. They stitched her up in ten minutes. They gave her a teddy bear that had stitches Adeleigh could take care of. They scheduled her for a scar management follow-up, and made a big deal about how her forehead would heal and look afterwards. They gave her the most epic bandage I have ever seen that stayed on through nightly baths and constant curious efforts to remove it. They called to check in on her bandage status, healing status after the bandage came off, and asked if I wanted any recommendations for scar elimination creams. They offered to match what we would have paid that the ER.

Do yourself a huge favor: line up a doctor who sees walk-ins before your child is gushing blood and never go to the ER for stitches again.

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