Supernatural Baby Monitor

Five years back during the month of December, I woke up in the middle of the night. We had 2-month newborn sleeping across the hall from us. My husband and I had placed the video monitor next to my bedside table so that my husband and I could easily peak on our little one.

So, I tapped the button that brightens the screen, and what I witnessed scared me like nothing ever before.

My baby girl had disappeared.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, get up, run, and check on your daughter’s room, but instead, I completely froze. Thinking I was having a nightmare, I looked over, and my wife was sleeping beside me.

Finally, I got up. But not to sprint into the other room, like I should have done. Instead, twisted the pink nob to increase the volume on the baby monitor.

I heard another woman’s voice singing a lullaby. Not joking here. Another woman was singing to my baby in a very soft, gentle and melodic voice….I can’t recall the specific tune, but it went something like “Go to sleep, little baby”.

Finally, I broke out my shocked mental state. I thrusted my hips out of bed, only to fall on the floor. The women had stopped singing.

Using the bed frame to help me recover, I sprinted into her room, only to find my little girl sleeping in her crib. No woman. No singing. No nothing.

Looking back, we think the monitor was picking up my next-door neighbor’s monitor, but it creeps us out till today.

Maybe supernatural? Maybe an illusion? But I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced something more terrifying and confusing in my life.

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