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Summer Camp Hacks – Getting Ready

summer camp

My kid is heading to overnight summer camp. Just the phrase conjures up images of singing by the campfire and swimming in the lake. If this is your first experience with it, don’t panic. There is plenty of time to prepare for this adventure for both you and the kids. But before they head out and you kick back for some kid-free time, you will want to get organized. We have assembled a top notch team of summer camp experts to give you the summer camp hacks that will get your kids ready for the time of their lives. Get those oh so detailed summer camp lists out and be prepared!

It’s Never Too Early – When that months-early summer camp list arrives, grab a box and start adding in as you go. Tossing those second pair of sunglasses into the box now means not having to scramble to find them later.

Keep Your Cool – Kids pick up on emotions, so don’t panic if there is something you can’t find. Remember there will be a whole camp full of other kids so anything missing can usually be borrowed or picked up at the camp.

Don’t Pack the Fancy Stuff – Old clothes that won’t mind a bit of dirt and water are best for summer camp. His or her favorite t-shirt could get trashed, so maybe save the glitter queen for later. Expect toys, clothes and gear to be a mess when they get back. This would be a good sign; it means your kid had an amazing time. The only exception to this is their sleeping bag as a good one can be crucial if the camp is fairly rustic.

Let Them Help – Getting your kids involved with their own packing should be part of the fun. Since every article of clothing will need to be labeled, let them grab that Dymo and tag their clothes. Also make sure that your kid can actually lift and carry that bag at the end of it all. Your child needs to know that this is his or her responsibility when they go to camp.

Help Them Prepare Emotionally – If your kid is afraid of summer camp, talk about it. Ask them what aspect of it scares them and then walk them through what they can do to prepare for this. Make sure they can wash, brush teeth and take care of other hygiene on their own. If there is a way to preview the camp before they go, take them to see it.

Let Go – Some camps have a no cell phone policy. If they do, follow it. They have good reasons for it. You may be feeling a bit of anxious energy yourself but try to just let it go. If you don’t hear from them the whole time they are gone, that’s good. It means they are having a great time. Plus, the homecoming will be all the sweeter.

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