Strange But True Facts About Birth

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Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time. However, what is deemed the “correct” method has definitely changed throughout the years. Fortunately for me, times have changed and society knows more about birthing complications. Otherwise, my mother probably never would have had a successful delivery, and I wouldn’t be here today. However, it still amazes me just how far things have changed over the years. Don’t believe me? Then check out these 5 birth facts.

  1. No Baby Swapping Here

I have to admit I’m glad I never gave birth to a royal during historical time periods. To ensure there were no tricks with baby switching, the royal birth was held publically.

  1. Forget the Bed, Hand Me Some Bricks

Back during Biblical times, women assisting with birth placed stones under the pregnant woman’s feet to allow for additional room below the mother. To be honest, a couple bricks wouldn’t have made me feel secure about them catching my baby.

  1. Hand Me a Cold One, Will You

It may sound crazy now, but previously alcohol was consumed more often than water. Thus it was no surprise pregnant women drank alcohol, and to be honest, without the pain relief options we have now, I could definitely understand why!

  1. And Where Have Your Hands Been?

I have to say I am truly happy to have given birth during our day and age. Up until the 20th century when germs were discovered, doctors didn’t bother washing their hands. It didn’t matter if they were manipulating the babies or pulling out the placentas, washing wasn’t a priority.

  1. Men Can’t Have Babies. Can They?

In 2008, 34 year old Thomas Beatie gave birth to his daughter. Although Thomas had a sex change, he kept his reproductive organs to allow for the chance for children since his wife had had a hysterectomy.





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