strange newborn facts

Strange But Amazing Facts About Newborn Babies

strange newborn facts

Pregnancy may be a memorable time, but the newborn you give birth to is the real miracle. From their tiny little hands to their tiny little feet, as a mother I know every child is perfect to their parents. Although we tend to concentrate on how our child will grow when they’re first born, we have a tendency to overlook the amazing feats they have already accomplished.

Maybe She’s Born With It…

Just because your child is born with a head full of locks doesn’t mean it will last. Babies can have some, or all of their hair fall out during the first few weeks of life. In a large number of cases, the hair loss is typically on the back of the head where the child is laying down. Fortunately, over the next year it will grow back. Sometimes it will grow back in the same hair color shade. Other times it can be completely opposite of what they were born with.

Babies Are Born Without Kneecaps

Instead of kneecaps, babies have a small structure of cartilage. Their actual kneecaps don’t fully develop until after six months old. I have to admit, this fact surprised me. However, it definitely makes you understand why some babies are doing the army crawl!

No Tears Please!

Every mom knows that special cry only newborns have. However, what many moms are unaware of is how their new baby may scream and yell, but they cannot cry. Typically, tears are not created and released until around three weeks of age. Hmm…maybe that’s why their faces can get so red when their upset.

Babies Have More Bones

As nimble and flexible as a newborn is from being inside of the mother, I would have thought it was the opposite. However, at birth babies have approximately 300 bones, while an adult only has 206. As your baby grows up their bones will fuse together, slowly lowering the amount of bones within the body.

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