dealing with tantrums

Staying Sane: Dealing With A Child’s Tantrum By Location

dealing with tantrums

Just like any other parent, I have had to deal with temper tantrums. Sometimes situations can push your already upset child over the edge. However, the best tactic isn’t to avoid them. You need to learn how to diffuse the situation before it escalates and to avoid the total meltdown. One way to prepare is to learn the locations more prone to temper tantrums.

  1. Car Seat

One of these most common tantrum locations is the car seat. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how much your child fights you on this, you cannot cave. Not only is it a safety issue, but a legal one as well. I’ve been fortunate, my daughter always waited until after she was strapped in to start her tantrum. However, the best approach to address this tantrum location is to ignore it. Just turn up some music or concentrate on the road. Then once your child starts behaving again, start offering remarks about their positive behavior.

  1. At the Store

I think every parent has been there at some point. You’re at the store and your child keeps grabbing every item they can off the shelf. Then when you try to reprimand them, they flip out. The key to handling this tantrum location is to limit your errands. The longer you’re out, the more trouble you’re asking for. Plus you can also try to make the shopping trip more enjoyable by involving them in the trip. Ask if they want to hold a box of cereal or what kind of yogurt they would like for you to buy.

  1. At the Doctor

For the most part, my daughter has always enjoyed her visits to the doctor. So it isn’t until she knows something unpleasant is about to come (for instance, a shot) that she will act out. However, I know this is normal. Just like all kids, they act out at the doctor because or anxiety or fear. Make sure to be sympathetic to your child and to be honest. If you know they won’t be getting a shot, let them know; and if you’re unsure, just say so.

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