social media parenting

How Social Media Affects Your Parenting

social media parenting

Have you ever wondered how some parents have time to document every single detail in their lives along with being a full-time mother or father? Aside from the hectic days we already live, and the behaviors we must face each day, for one to have time to document this seems odd. As parents, it’s more important to teach our children core values and instill lifelong lessons they will use as they grow older. Parenting now more than ever, this seems more complex because the need to document what were doing with our children has grown to an all time high.

Parenting is already hard

What happened with families saying “what happens at home stays at home?” Today, that doesn’t even coincide with most parents who have children. The previous generations of parents, especially mothers, were expected to not say anything about what their frustrations were, or if they were expecting a child in the upcoming months. Now, modern day parents think sharing their life on the internet is the best thing to do. The term “updates” and “uploads” have an all new meaning now and it’s expected to share life via social media to hundreds, sometimes thousands of family members, friends and coworkers.

How this affects our kids

We’re only beginning to learn slowly how this may be affecting our kids. This generation is being born into the world of knowing what Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all mean, and more than likely can tell you how to do each of them. It’s hard not to see how children as young as 2 or 3 years of age, automatically pose when a camera is pointed at them. From a tender age, children pick up on whatever their parents like. If they know their parent is posting things on Instagram and Facebook, the child will want to do whatever it is to make mommy happy.

How they start craving fame

Many parents came when the computer was for limited use, and in order to pkay a game that meant fighting with your siblings. The emphasis our children feel for taking and uploading pictures of themselves, makes them aspire for fame much more than if social media wasn’t the basis of parent’s lives. In one survey that was taken, kids ages 9 to 13 already had their own social media account, and 26 percent under the age of 13 had a youtube account.

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