sew wedding dress

Sewing Your Own Wedding Dress

sew wedding dress

If you have a wedding in your near future, and you’ve been contemplating making your own wedding dress, there are many tips for sewing your own wedding dress. This is a wonderful adventure, and any sewing experience can turn into a positive one. The best part is, sewing a couture dress, resulting from your own unique style. Here are some tips on sewing your own wedding dress.

Take your time
There’s no need to rush when your dreaming up the most perfect dress. You might want to give yourself at least a year to plan out the perfect dress. The one thing you wont want to be, is rush. If your rush, that will turn into being stressed, and that isn’t good for anyone.


Have a budget
When picking out the perfect fabric for the perfect dress, this won’t necessarily be cheaper than buying a dress already sewn. In a sense, what your making is “couture” meaning that it’s one-of-a-kind. Take a look at the different types of materials and choose accordingly. You’ll want to think about budgeting in the embellishments, buttons, closures, linings and muslin fabrics.


Try on different dresses
The best way to find your dream dress is to try different styles of dresses on. Take photos of dresses you see in magazines, or jot notes down of what you may notice from a friends wedding you like. If you figure out what you like and don’t like, you’ll know which style of dress you will want to make.


Study different patterns
Once you’ve tried on the pattern of dress you want, now its time to illustrate your design. You want to remember that the pattern of the dress is just a starting point, because you can use different patterns to achieve your dream dress.


Research sewing
When entering into the world of sewing, this may be a whole new world for you, or a similar world, yet different area. Before starting the construction, research different techniques to familiarize yourself with the process. These will not only be the guiding tools, but they will help with anything you may need along the way.


Go slow
You must remember that you’re in no hurry, and you need to take your time. This isn’t something you’ll want to rush at doing, so don’t set unreasonable time limits.

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