The Truths About Self-Soothing For Your Baby


The idea of self-soothing gets misrepresented as being cruel, and awful. Parents get confused with the terms; tough love, crying it out, leaving a child to fend for themselves, and oftentimes can be considered neglect. These are parents who already have their mind made up, reject any idea of letting their child self-soothe, even though it could benefit them entirely.

Often enough, this isn’t about being a “good” or sensitive parent, its about being able to exercise the idea of having their child self-soothe. This doesn’t mean a parent is abandoning the child, demanding them to do something, or forcing their child, but simply letting it evolve. When parents allow their child to develop individual coping strategies, this oftentimes can be done in a loving, mindful practice.

First and foremost, when a parent supports their baby to self-soothe, this could simply mean they listen to what their child needs, that could be not giving their child a pacifier, but letting their baby find their thumb naturally. This could also mean that instead of giving your child a ton of teething toy options, you are allowing your child one specific toy that he or she can choose to grasp a hold of this, and learn how to chew on it. This also could mean that parents allow for their child to cry in the arms of a parent, rather than getting rocked to sleep.

Understanding how a child can naturally gain the ability to self-soothe:

  1. Babies are willing and capable. Experts have studied this subject for quite some time. They’ve concluded that infants are aware and competent individuals. The way a baby first learns how to grasp their hands and get them in their mouth, even when they aren’t hungry is not a random movement. A baby could be sucking on their fist to better understand their surroundings, or could simply be a way to soothe.
  2. As a parent, it’s important to observe your child and understand them as an individual. Learn what your child’s strengths and what their weaknesses are at a young age.
  3. If you wait and relax, letting your child figure the ways they are supposed to soothe themselves, is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Even the most sensitive parents can understand the value of waiting on their child to soothe themselves.

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