The Scoop On Your Toddlers Bossiness

bossy child

What is it?

If you’re a parent to a toddler, you may have noticed your child wanting things done their way and their way only. You may find it cute if this is your first child, but getting rid of this behavior before it gets out of hand is the best advice anyone can give.

Why does this occur?

Bossy behavior happens among two-to-three year olds because of their poor social skills. They don’t understand how to take turns, nor do they want to take turns no matter how much you try and teach them. Children this age find any way to exert the control so that their parents have none. Their parents might be much bigger than them, but they will do anything and everything to be in control of what they wear, or what they don’t want to wear. Some children are born with being naturally dominant, and these kids can come across as being naturally bossy.

What You Can Do?

Most little children will outgrow this phase of life as they begin to age older and become a little more wiser. They will slowly start to realize that the world doesn’t revolve around them, and there are things you can do to not discourage their innate desire to lead.

Let your child have some choices when it comes to little things so they can have a little control of their life. For example, you can give them two options and let them pick. Don’t let them choose from a vast variety of things, but giving them a couple things to pick from is good.

Don’t let your child disrespect you in any way. If she has demands and has a bad tone when delivering, simply let her know that the way she’s communicating is unacceptable.

Lead and be an example to your child. You may not realize it, but your child is always watching you. If your constantly bossing the people around you, then don’t be surprised where your child is getting their behavior traits from.

Make sure that your child makes respecting others number one. If they’re asking for something, saying “please” and “thank you” needs to be priority. Teach your child to take turns and not to grab something out of someone else’s hands.

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