Science At Home: Preschool Science for that Rainy Day

Are the kids cranky? Will the rain or snow never end and you are at your wits end how to keep a couple of preschool kids happy? Kids love to watch science experiments and they keep those preschool science imaginations happy and busy. Why not try out these preschool science games at home?

Preschool Science Experiments

There are lots of great experiments you can do that will keep the kids happy and occupied no matter what the weather. Even during summer when the days are long and kids get restless these preschool science experiments keep them fascinated.

Water and Color


This is an easy experiment to set up. You probably have what you need around the kitchen, so there is nothing special you need to buy for this. Basically you are teaching kids two things: how capillary action moves water and how colors mix to make new colors. Here is what you need:

  • Three or four empty glasses or small jam jars
  • Water
  • Food Coloring (primaries work best)
  • Paper Towels

You start with the row of glasses or jars. For each pair of colors (say, red and blue that will make purple) you want one empty jar as well.

  1. Line the three jars up next to each other
  2. Fill two jars with water and add food die
  3. Put empty jar in between them
  4. Take a paper towel, cut in half lengthwise, fold it in half
  5. Put one half in a colored water jar and one half in the empty jar
  6. Do this for both until they are connected like you see in the picture.
  7. The two colors will mix in the jar to make a third color.
  8. Sit back with your kids and be impressed!

If you love this you can find more fun preschool science experiments for the kids online at sites like Inspiration Laboratories. Also- stay tuned here as this is just the first in a series of great articles we will be doing about at home science for kids of all ages. Whether it’s a hot summer or snowy winter, kids tend to love science and exploration, so be sure to check these out and stock up on fun ideas for when the kids say, “Mom- I don’t have anything to do!”

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