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Father’s Day Baby Wearing Featuring: Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynoldsGorgeous mama, Blake Likely certainly has a sense of humor when she uploaded a snap of her hot husband and daughter, James on the beach to Instagram. Under the photo, she captioned, “Happy Father’s Day..Since the day our baby was born, I’ve felt strongly in my heart that you were most likely her father.” The humor didn’t stop there.

What seemed like the perfect Father’s Day for two people and their child, turned out to be a media frenzy. It wasn’t until actress Blake Lively took a precious photo of her hot husband, Ryan Reynolds on the beach wearing their 6-month-old daughter completely wrong in Lillie Baby Complete All Seasons Carrier. Smiling from ear to ear, Reynolds looked the happiest wearing his child proud, but there was one small problem. The new daddy was wearing the carrier incorrectly, exposing the little ones feet that were dangling down straight in front of him, and parents all over the world noticed right away. The media went crazy.

In the picture, Reynolds is holding daughter in the Lillie Baby Complete All Seasons Carrier, completely wrong. If you notice, the infants head is totally hidden and her feet are dangled straight out of the bottom. Even though daddy didn’t realize what he was doing was actually wrong, and could’ve been life threatening for baby James.

The proper way to use this Lille carrier, is to split the baby’s legs in a squatting, frog-like position. When the baby’s legs are straight and together, this is warned against due to it causing hip dysplasia. In the picture, James’s head should also be higher on Reynolds’ body, so he’s able to kiss her on the head. We doubt that the child was suffocating against his chest, but this can lead to an accidental death if not watched closely.

Buying a baby carrier and figuring out how to appropriately use it can be difficult. It’s very important to watch videos and tutorials online to make sure you’re wearing it correctly. While baby wearing is extremely important for new parents, helping them to bond with their children, the instruction manual needs to be carefully read to ensure the safety of the child.

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