Ring in the New Year with Family Bonding Resolutions


Every year we make a list of things we want to accomplish for the New Year. Some have their lists prepared to start right as it hits the beginning of the New Year, while others complete their lists up to a week later. Whether you start early or start late, make this year’s resolutions about your family, and try one of these three New Year’s resolutions for better family bonding.

More Family Dinners

Schedules can be hectic, and sometimes even one family dinner a week can be difficult. However, the more family dinners you can have the better. Dinner time is a great for bonding and helps to provide your children with structure. It gives families the chance to catch up on what went on that day for each person, and can also be used for a family meeting. This works well for families who rarely have the entire family home at the same time.

No Telephone Use at the Table

Dinner time is about eating and sharing your day. Don’t be present physically, and avoid it mentally. Have everyone give the meal their undivided attention. Turn off all cell phones and place them in a basket away from the dinner table. This will prevent anyone from trying to sneak a peek at their phone.

Start a Family Night

Family night can involve a wide variety of activities. You could go out for dinner, see a movie, or go bowling. The activity isn’t the important part, spending time with your family is. Avoid pulling focus and limit telephone usage during this time frame as well. Make the activity a family choice or take turns picking the activity.

Remember, sticking to your New Year’s resolutions are just as important as setting them. Set realistic goals for yourself. If you are unable to set a weekly night to the side because of scheduling conflicts, start small with one night a month. Then add on as you go. Whatever you decide, just make sure it is attainable. Plus, when you make your resolutions about family, you can only benefit from each activity you do together.

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