Two Working Parents – The Juggling Act


It may be a bit tougher, but it is possible to raise a kid when both parents are working.  Though you may want to be at home to help your child out, the truth of the matter is that many families have to have both parents working in order to pay all the bills and have any money left over.  So how do you go about having success in this journey?


It’s stressful no doubt when you have to not only work, but raise a child.  Often times it will seem like you simply don’t have the time to do it all.  Sometimes you’ll have to seek out help from friends or family when you are busy.  Even if you simply need your child picked up from school, but you are working late.  Call a friend and see if they are able to get your child.  Another great option to help out is try and get into a carpool.


Just be prepared to know that you’ll never be able to split time equally between all that needs to be done.  Sometimes you’ll need to focus more on the job, and other times your child is going to require more time from you.  Make the adjustments as well as you can.


Keep in mind that you need to have a bit of time for yourself as well.  Though you may wonder when you can fit that time in, you’ll have to do it.  If not you will get too frazzled and the stress can overwhelm you quickly.  Getting just a bit of time for yourself will help you recharge and increase your productivity and efficiency.


Don’t let the guilt of working wear you down.  Especially if it’s something that is required to pay the bills.  Instead you need to remember that the portion of money you are bringing in will help your child eat and have a roof over their heads.  Along with a few other things they made need along the way.  Your child will understand as they get older why you had to go to work, and they didn’t get as much time with you as they wanted.  But those free moments you get when you can spend the time with them, be sure to enjoy them.  Before you know it they will be older and moving out, going on with their own life, to perhaps kids of their own one day.



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