Raising Children Who Are Half-Siblings


It’s hard enough being a parent with more than one kid and having to deal with arguments that come up.  But it’s even worse if there are half-siblings involved in the picture.  You will have two kids who are now via for your attention and one of them no matter what will always feel like they just don’t quite match up.  Not only do you have this problem to face, but you have two kids who are introduced to each other and may not really get along at all.


Having a blended family as it’s termed, can be quite difficult.  Because you don’t want one child to feel like they are being treated unfairly, by either you or your spouse.  At times this may seem difficult, because your spouse may be a bit harder on their step-child then they are on their own.  This creates unwanted tension in the home, not only among the kids, but the adults as well.

This is something that you will need to try and have your spouse correct if you plan on making this work out.  After all nothing is worse than feeling so bad for your child because you can see they are being treated unfairly by someone who is supposed to know better.


To get help you may need to find support in your local community or through books.  Books will offer you advice, but people who may have worked on getting a blended family to run smoothly can give you so much more.  While the advice from books may not have been tested.  The people who’ve done this already know what will work and what will not.


Establish house rules that should be for everyone in the house, with no exceptions.  Even go as far as posting those rules and the punishments on a paper that will be stuck in the kitchen on your refrigerator.  If a rule is broken, make sure that no matter who has broken it the punishment is stuck too.  You should talk to the kids together about those rules.

After a while the step-siblings should be able to work out any problems they have between them.  Give them this option, let them try and get along and come to an understanding.  As long as both you and your spouse are treating them the same, a blended family can work out just fine.  If you continue to have problems with a spouse treating children the same, this may not be something you will be able to solve.




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