Raising A Child With A Disability


It’s not easy when you are trying to raise a child with a disability.  At times it can seem overwhelming, but they are still a joy and the love of your life, so you try to do what is best to help them out.  You may find ways to avoid pressures and stresses in dealing with the disability, and another idea is to seek out support.  There should be groups in your area that will help support you as well, and give you some ways to help out.

A disability may not be something that your child is born with, it can come later in life, and at times it seems harder to accept.  Though again you will have to adjust the way you deal with things and help your child to lead a better and more satisfactory life.


Keep in mind though that an ability to do something does not automatically transmit to higher quality of life.  Really your child will enjoy a quality of life where they are happy, where they feel safe, and comfortable, and that they have another person who loves them, because this will make them feel loveable.  A child who has a disability can lead a life that is happy and positive and will bring a certain joy to all around them.

Remember that you child has rights and needs that you need to consider.  Especially if they begin to ask questions about why they can’t do certain things that they see other kids doing.  You may need to explain to them what happened to bring about their disability.  But also remind them that they can do just as much as anyone else, and there are ways they will get to know people, and enjoy life.


You unfortunately may have to deal with kids who will pick on your child and make them feel bad.  Bullying seems to be a way of life for many areas anymore.  It’s sad to say, but for some reason parents feel that it’s acceptable to allow their kids to pick on others.  In a sense kids can be the cruelest at the younger ages, so you will have a child who comes home in tears, after having kids pick on her or him.

You will need to explain to your child that these kids just don’t realize how great of a person they are, and that if they knew your child they wouldn’t be so mean.  Of course you should contact the school to get this situation dealt with as well.





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