candidates and women's issues

Presidential Candidates and Women’s Issues – How They Stack Up

Presidential Candidates and Women’s Issues – How They Stack Up

candidates and women's issues

The issues that are going to affect women are a big part of any presidential campaign. With over half the population and a big part of the vote, women’s issues will count. But who exactly are the various presidential candidates and women’s issues they are willing to support? Here is a brief scorecard, though it could change in the months to come.

Republican Candidates And Women’s Issues

Jeb Bush – This latest member of the Bush clan to run is clearly against allowing women access to abortions, including for rape victims and even those who are mentally disabled. He would defund Planned Parenthood and in Florida has supported the funding of so-called “Crises Pregnancy Centers” where abstinence is taught as the best method of birth control.

Ben Carson – This candidate has publicly compared abortion to slavery and human sacrifice. He has supported the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the rights of businesses to deny birth control coverage to employees. His push to end Medicare and Medicaid would have a huge impact on low –income women who have few other options.

Ted Cruz – He has stated clearly that he will not support any type of abortion, even if it is the result of rape or incest. He so opposed the Affordable Healthcare Act that he orchestrated the shutdown of government in an effort to stop it going into effect. He has never supported public access to birth control or Planned Parenthood, which he would remove from government funding.

Carly Fiora- She has publicly stated that given the opportunity she would overturn the landmark Roe vs Wade ruling and ban any safe legal form of abortion. She supported the ability of businesses to deny coverage of birth control to their employees and has stated she would defund Planned Parenthood.

Mike Huckabee – He has publicly called women helpless and said birth control should be taken away from women if they “cannot control their libido.” He has also supported “extreme personhood” that bans any form of abortion and would support Congress in its bid to defund Planned Parenthood.

Democrat Candidates And Women’s Issues

Hillary Clinton – The Democrats front runner is a long time supporter of women’s rights. She has declared she would ensure that abortions remain legal and safe. She wants to see women’s access to birth control expanded so that all women could obtain it if they need it. She is a long time supporter of Planned Parenthood.

Bernie Sanders – This well liked candidate has vowed to not have the country return “to the days of backroom abortions when countless women died or were maimed.” He has cosponsored a bill that would protect women by blocking a boss from denying her birth control coverage. He is on record for supporting international family planning as well as continued funding for Planned Parenthood.


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